Holly Garner: Lollipop, Lollipop

Holly Garner: Lollipop, Lollipop

Holly Garner: Lollipop, Lollipop

What is it about girls tonguing and licking lollipops and hard candy that triggers those lustful thoughts? Holly Garner looks at the camera and sucks and licks a lollipop. She can read minds. She knows what a guy is thinking.

The sight of a girl licking a lollipop can be a seductive, erotic turn-on. Holly’s brought two suckers to double the fun. In this scene, when she’s not popping the lolly in and out of her pretty mouth, she’s feeling up her big, beautiful boobs.

SCORELAND: Do you think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere it’s legal for men to be shirtless?

Holly Garner: Well, my bathing suits are so small that I’m almost topless too. But, in general, yes, it would be fair to allow it to women.

SCORELAND: So, what kind of swimsuits do you wear at a pool or at the beach?

Holly Garner: I mostly wear separate, small swimsuits so it’s better to lie down for a tan, but if I go to the pool for the sake of sports, then I put on a one-piece. I love to spend holidays by the sea and in the sunshine. There is nothing more relaxing than swimming in sea water.

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