Hitcher With Hooters

Hitcher With Hooters

The odds of anyone driving along and spotting a hitcher with Milly Mark’s face, body, boobs and sex appeal is astronomical. It just doesn’t happen these days.

Some young women are just more woman than other young women. Milly is one of those more women as Brad is about to find out when he drives her back to his place so she can “recharge her cell phone.” What a caring guy.

Milly lives in a house full of strippers in Dallas. The lively antics of the girls would make for a good conversation starter if you ever met a girl who lives in a house full of strippers. When Milly’s lease is up, she plans on living in LA.

SCORELAND: What did you think about this scene now that you’ve done your first? Was your approach to it different?

Milly: I was way less nervous for this scene with Brad. My approach to it was to just have some fun…no stress!

SCORELAND: On a sexual intensity level, how did it compare to your first scene?

Milly: I think it was just as intense. I liked the story line…and his cock was the biggest I’d ever taken.

SCORELAND: We have the impression you’re the same girl whether you’re at home or in a SCORE video.

Milly: I am 100-percent the same girl at home as I am with SCORE, minus all of the glamour hair and makeup. I’m a sexual person at all times, it’s not a light switch I can turn on and off. If it is a switch, it’s probably stuck on ON.

SCORELAND: Have you actually ever flashed or jiggled your boobs at passing cars?

Milly: I’ve flashed cars for years. Never to hitchhike. Just to see people break their necks looking back at me!

SCORELAND: Do you dance in a strip club in Dallas?

Milly: Occasionally with my roommates. They’re all full-time strippers. I live in a house full of strippers, so there’s never a dull moment.

SCORELAND: So the girl with the biggest boobs in the strip club is…

Milly: That would be me. All the women who dance there are amazed. In the dressing rooms, they’re always like, “Can I touch them?” “Are they real?”

SCORELAND: And you say?

Milly: Yes, they’re real. They’re all-natural, and they still can’t believe it. I let them touch them. I let everyone touch them. It’s fun.

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