Georgina Gee Soaps Her Big Boobs

Georgina Gee Soaps Her Big Boobs

Georgina “Gina” Gee extends an invitation to join her in a bubble bath. No one could refuse that offer. She oils her luscious body in the tub, something we rarely see, and rubs her slippery, soapy, shiny, big boobs with a toy. At one point, Georgina backs up under the faucet so that the water runs down between her lovely butt cheeks. A very nice move. Putting your head under a cold faucet to cool off might be necessary after seeing Georgina.

It took a few years to connect with Miss Gee but it finally happened. Her video interview with Jem Stone (a SCORE Girl in 2007) was a great one.

XLGirls: Let’s say you’re going to go clubbing on the weekend. What would you do to get ready?

Georgina: First I’d go shopping for a new outfit. Shoes, a little bit of heels, because guys love heels and I’m only five-foot-three, mind you. I have to get myself ready, obviously, and then I’ll go out. I’ll show my boobs and my legs, but mostly my boobs.

XLGirls: Have you ever gotten free tickets or free passes because of your big boobs?

Georgina: No, but I’ve gotten a lot of free drinks. But that’s all a girl needs on a night out.

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