Gentlemen Prefer Pink

Gentlemen Prefer Pink

Gentlemen Prefer Pink

“Are all the Czech girls as naughty as you?” our lady SCORELAND interviewer asks Veronika after she walks into the living room. She’s wearing a blouse that might as well have the slogan “Czech out my boobs” printed on it.

Veronika first appeared at SCORELAND in 2005. She was blonde and brand new. She’s redhaired in this scene and several others. Later on, she went back to blonde.

Veronika does the titty-shake dance for our appreciative talent coordinator. She promises Veronika that a Czech dude is on the way over and tells her to take off all her clothes. This will prepare her for the stud she’s ordered.

“Why don’t you lay down for me,” she tells the now totally nude Veronika. “I’ve got your man here. Nice, big, hard cock. Fuck the shit out of you.” Veronika lays back on the couch and her dick delivery-man comes over, dropping his drawers so Veronika can suck. He goes down on her for some natural lubing, then gives her cock from behind.

Veronika sits on top and grinds. She gets on her back for a a hot beef injection in missionary and side-ways, which results in an orgasm. Kneeling and cupping her big tits for cum, Veronika hasn’t long to wait for her nut-juice reward.

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