Gee, You Have Great Boobs

Gee, You Have Great Boobs

Meet Georgina Gee. She’s British. You can call her Gina. Her friends do. Georgina’s sex appeal is huge and so are her breasts. She has the magic. For her first time at XL Girls, shoot some pool with Georgina. We’re excited to welcome her. She’ll show you a few of her moves on the table. Gee, she has great boobs, a gorgeous face and a beautiful, thick body with more curves than a mountain road. Georgina’s from Hull, a historic city in Yorkshire. She calls it a “place you wouldn’t want to go to.” We have to disagree. With Georgina there, we want to go right now.

XL Girls: What is your dress size?

Georgina: 14 to 16.

XL Girls: And your bra size?

Georgina: I’m a 36L.

XL Girls: Do you workout?

Georgina: Now and again, but I like to be big and I know how much guys like my soft curves.

XL Girls: Did you play sports?

Georgina: No, I don’t do sports at all. These bad girls running? No way. But I like rugby.

XL Girls: When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your breasts?

Georgina: I don’t even have to try to show them off. They’re just there. They’re impossible to hide. Sometimes I wear tight tops, tight tees. I get a lot of whistles from guys in cars. Sometimes girls, too. I love the attention I get.

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