Follow The Bouncing Boobs of Isa Gomez

Follow The Bouncing Boobs of Isa Gomez

Follow The Bouncing Boobs of Isa Gomez

Making a bikini to fit the unbelievably curvy and luscious body of delicious Isa Gomez is a task fit for only the most skillful swimsuit producer. Isa is a Mamazon. She is the real deal. The top has to hold the weight and handle the pressure of Isa’s big, juicy heavy tits. The bottom has to show off Isa’s spankable cakes but still be practical.

Isa walks over to the pool wearing one of the new bikinis she bought for this scene. She takes off her high heels and immediately begins squeezing her massive tits.

“I love this day,” Isa says, eager to strut her stuff for SCORELAND. You’ve got to to love this girl. She’s a sweetheart. “A little sun and a little rain. It’s going to be one of my best days. Do you want to see what’s under this bikini? I love to play with my big breasts. Now I am going to show you a new bikini that you’re going to love.”

Even before Isa is done with her bikinis, she’s snacking on her nipples, clapping her tits and bouncing, squeezing, shaking and jiggling them. Next comes the oil and then the big toy these girls love to masturbate with. Her shining body trembles and tingles and her breathing gets deeper. She drops the toy in the pool and puts her fingers in her pussy, squeezing her knees together.

Looking at the camera, Isa does a boob drop on her oily thighs and sticks her tongue out at the camera. Another day in paradise with the natural superwoman Isa Gomez.

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