Fisherman’s Fuck Friend

Fisherman's Fuck Friend

It’s a hot day and Gabriella Michaels is dressed for the weather: low-cut tank (so her tits can breathe) and a denim mini-skirt. Just what you want to see a big-titted blonde wear, right? Fishing rod in hand, she heads to the lake.

Gabriella has just cast her line when Sir Jeremy Holmes appears out of nowhere, his boob radar operating on all frequencies. He invites her into the privacy of his van to show her his own rod and fuck her brains out. Gabriella’s eager to suck up to him.

Cleveland, Ohio’s Gabriella Michaels was 5’11”, 160 pounds, 46-32-38 and needed a 40F-cup bra when she came to SCORE. Now, this is a fucking Amazon. She called herself “Best Chest in the Mid-West.” Gabriella had a website so fans could meet her but it’s no longer online.

“Guys should be the dominant one,” said Gabriella. “If I have to chase a guy, it means to me that he will probably not be forceful and in charge in bed. If I’m going out with someone, my date should have everything planned out, no questions. Don’t ask me what I want to do, tell me what you’re going to do with me. A lot of women pretend they don’t want that but most of them do deep inside.”

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