Face Cream

Face Cream

Kickin’ it in a tight tank that her thunderous twins threaten to stretch out big time, smilin’ Nikki Smith shows her boink buddy what she’s got going on before he gets to feel her all over and then proceed with the big show.

He cock-knocks Nikki’s colossal knockers, gives her a skin flute to play a catchy tune on (check out Nikki’s deep throat skills) and then pokes her pink pussy every which way before launching a load of nut-batter towards her face. Nikki catches most of it in her mouth ’cause she loves the taste.

Nikki has a mischievous side to her that she hasn’t outgrown. Hopefully, she never will. She gets this look on her face that good girls behaving badly have. Was she ever caught fucking a boyfriend?

“My dad did catch me having sex,” Nikki told a slack-jawed TSG editor. “It was bad. It was at my house. My dad had left for work probably about half an hour earlier. And sure enough, just long enough for us to get naked and get going, he walked right back in the front door. He saw my boyfriend’s car outside so he knew exactly where to go. We got in a lot of trouble.” Well, as you can see here, Nikki wasn’t grounded for life.

The video version of this scene is shot in virtual point-of-view and also includes Nikki sticking a big toy in and out of her asshole before she gets to swallow his prick down her throat. She said she likes to do anal toys at home also. A sleepover at her place would last two weeks.

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