Driving Miss Sanders

Driving Miss Sanders

Samantha Sanders is feeling horny. As usual. She calls her driver Max and summons him to her bedroom. Max sits on the edge of the bed waiting for Samantha to tell him her destination but wonders why she’s in lingerie, her big tits close to spilling over her cups. He shouldn’t wonder but he’s new at driving models and he has no idea just how horny Sam is.

Samantha lets Max know he’s not going to be driving her anywhere. She wants him to drive her home in her bed. Drive it in hard. She undresses him and her tits fall out of her lingerie. She bends over him and sucks his dick as he leans back. Then she kneels and turns around. She needs unhooking. Good. Let’s see that body. He plays with her massive natural hangers, then feeds her more cock.

Samantha swallows his pecker hands-free, leaving lipstick on his dipstick. She cups and offers her big, fat boobs so he can fuck them. Getting on her back and stretching out, Sam grips the metal rails of the bed’s headboard. Max dives between Sam’s legs and tongues her furry pussy. He’s a European. European studs eat pussy. Max plunges into Sam’s wet pink and drives her home as she requested. Samantha decides to promote Max to full-time butler. She could use a guy like him more often.

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