A naked Vanessa Y. has been bound and gagged by a black-gloved mystery man. A red rope crisscrosses her breasts and pussy. His hands feel her soft body, play with her big boobs and touch her pointy nipples. She’s trapped in a bedroom by this stranger. Helpless on the bed, she can’t get away.

Vanessa is turned over on her elbows and knees. Her shapely ass is sticking in the air. The stranger feels her cheeks and spanks her. Vanessa smiles and moans. She likes being controlled and dominated. He spreads her ass so he can examine her furry pussy. When the stranger leaves, heavy-breathing Vanessa wants to cum.

After Vanessa relaxes from her explosion, the photographer asks her if she liked this experience and if she would do it again. “Yes and yes,” Vanessa answered. So we learn something new about the two-time Vmag Model of the Year contest winner whenever she returns.

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