Coed Kacey

Coed Kacey

It would really be nice if Kacey Parker would drop by your place after class and fuck your brains out. She can leave her coed outfit on while she’s riding your ruler. Keep her panties as a souvenir.

Kacey’s back at XL Girls after several years. These days she webcams and Skypes her “naughty shows,” as Kacey calls them with a shake of her 38H tits. Next, in her follow-up, we’ll see her getting fucked.

“Porn is the most-fun job I’ve ever had. I do what I love. Fuck! And I get paid. So I can’t complain. When I was dancing in a club, men were always telling me I should be in XL Girls so I just followed their suggestions. Why not? I’m an attention whore anyway. I love it when wives catch their husbands staring at my large, youthful tits.”

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