Coed Kacey

Coed Kacey

It would be a pretty good after-school special if Kacey Parker would ring your bell after she gets out of class…you know…get busy doing some homework on your honker. She should leave that coed outfit on. It fits her extreme curves very nicely.

“I’m aggressive with girls,” Kacey said. “I love girls with big boobs like mine. I’m passive when I’m with a man. A guy should lick my fat pussy until I cum before he sticks his cock in my mouth or before he fucks me face down, ass up. My specialty is sucking dick and titty-fucking at the same time.

“I had the biggest breasts in school. My boobs got very big in tenth grade. The boys were crazy about me. None of the other girls had tits like mine! Not even close! I would catch my male gym teacher staring at me when I ran laps.”

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