Cleo’s Big Boobs Bra Testing

Cleo’s Big Boobs Bra Testing

Cleo's Big Boobs Bra Testing

Cleo is looking at her extensive brassiere collection. “I’m trying to decide which bra to wear for my next SCORE shoot,” Cleo says. She holds up a black and blue number and tries it on her phenomenal boobs.

Cleo hooks the back-band from the front and spins it around to fill the cups. Her nipples are visible through the sheer fabric. She jiggles the bra straps to test how snug and comfortable the fit is. She looks pleased but isn’t sure. Maybe she should try another bra. Decisions, decisions.

Cleo stuffs her firm, heavy breasts into another bra, then another, testing each one in her own special way for comfort and fit. Finally, she gets to the last bra. This tit-sling is way too small for those enormous, beautifully shaped naturals. She needs additional hands to squeeze them in. Even then, her nipples poke out over the top of the cups.

After trying on so many bras, Cleo’s tits needs soothing. A spray of white lotion and a breast massage is just what she needs to become Messy Cleo. Her hands-on helper spells out Cleo on her tits with another squirt of the lotion and continues his rubbing and nipple massaging. It takes a lot of lotion to cream Messy Cleo’s twin treasures.

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