Cheryl Blossom’s House of Hooters

Cheryl Blossom’s House of Hooters

Cheryl Blossom's House of Hooters

Cheryl Blossom‘s apartment is one big bounce house, as this scene demonstrates. Who needs a mini-trampoline when there’s a big couch to wildly bounce on. Cheryl likes to have fun on-camera. She doesn’t call modeling for SCORE work.

Editor Dave wrote of Cheryl, winner of Voluptuous magazine’s Model of the Year contest 2020 (See Volume 28 Number 1), “Cheryl is not only Vmag’s Model of the Year…she’s SCORELAND’s first Model of the Year, having edged out Kim Velez, Daria and Alexsis Faye in a contest dominated by naturals.” Diana Eisley was voted Newcomer of the Year in that same edition.

“Sometimes I walk down the street and men turn around or shout out words of surprise or approval,” Cheryl said. “It’s especially funny to watch the reaction of men who are going hand-in-hand with their girlfriends. Many of them try not to look, but they cannot resist, and it turns out bad for them.”

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