Chantal & The Ass Man

Chantal & The Ass Man

Chantal Ray applied to (which also covers XL Girls) and one look at the snaps the Carolina cutie emailed was all it took.

Chantal cuts past the chase herself, asking Al right off the snap if he wants to fuck her in the ass. How’s that for a first date with a total stranger? There’s not even time for you to get the popcorn unless you hit the pause button.

“Is it tight?” Al asks. “Nice and tight.” She wants Al to feel how tight it is. Pulling aside her polka-dot panties, Al sticks a finger in Chantal’s upraised butthole and does a preliminary digital probing. She is good to go! Chantal wants some cock in her mouth first and then between her cleavage.

Plopping her great tits on top of his thighs, she sucks his dick hands-free, his cock bookmarked between her breasts. It’s a beautiful sight. Chantal wants her pussy filled first before Al can enter the un-forbidden zone and get his sausage cooked by this man-pleaser. Impressive when you consider how many long-experienced models have a no-entrance sign on their butts.

When it comes to her satisfaction, Chantal says, “As long as I’m kept wet, I’m good.” Words to live by, Chantal is busty, very girly and horny and likes dick between her fat, big tits. What’s not to love?

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