Cathy B.: Bimbofication German-style

Cathy B.: Bimbofication German-style

Cathy B.: Bimbofication German-style

Cathy B. sees herself as the perfect bimbo. She follows the way of the bimbo. Bimbofication is her lifestyle and she’s inspired by other bimbos and bimbettes.

On this day, Cathy B. and her stud Jean have a fuck show with teasing, pussy- and butthole-fingering, cock sucking, pussy- and ass-banging and cum play.

“I love my huge breasts. They make me horny. I love being a cute, girly, bimbo doll. I describe myself as sweet, cheeky and very playful. I like to wear all pink, low-cut tight mini-dresses and always sexy high heels. I do not care what other people say or think. I live my dream of a bimbo. I am proud of this. My philosophy is to live the life of a bimbo and pay no attention to what others say.

“My hobbies are pole dancing, fitness training, shopping, webcam and making videos and photos. I get many compliments that I give great blow jobs. I masturbate in the morning, in the evening, during sex and after sex. I like to be used as a fuck doll. I have sex every day, the more the better.

“My favorite kind of date is dinner, have fun at a bar or disco and then go to a hotel and let it rip. I love it best when a man licks my sweet, plump nipples, then goes down to my wet, little pussy and licks me thoroughly. I often give blow jobs in a car. I love to spit and swallow until everything goes down nicely.”

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