Cami’s Big Bra Try-outs

Cami’s Big Bra Try-outs

It’s bra try-out time for Cami Cooper. She leads us into a bedroom and to try out a bunch that are laid out and ready to hoist onto her 38G sucklers. Cami’s big tits are very pliable. She can suck and kiss them easily and leaves lipstick smears on her nipples.

It must be a lot of fun to go bra shopping with Cami and help her choose. She just won’t masturbate in the dressing room after she decides what bras she wants to buy. Or maybe she would if she felt like giving a friend a show.

XL Girls: Do you dress to show off your chest?

Cami: Usually. I like to wear V-cut tops that are clingy. I won’t wear something that will have people saying, “Oh my god, look at her!” and I have kids, but I do like to look good when I go out in public.

XL Girls: Do you have a hard time finding bras that fit?

Cami: Not really. I like to wear T-shirt bras, and I can buy them off the rack at Lane Bryant.

XL Girls: Have they always been big?

Cami: They have, since I was 13 years old, and then I had kids and they got even bigger.

XL Girls: What’s your relationship with your boobs?

Cami: I like them. They’re my friends. They’re my twins.

XL Girls: Do they have names?

Cami: No, I haven’t named them. I just call them “The Girls.”

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