Breast Stroking

Breast Stroking

Mianna Thomas‘ bikinis must be made out of some alien fabric. It’s some kind of miracle that the weight of her 34JJ head-crushing hooters don’t shred her bikini top. She struts outside to meet her date waiting in the pool, and she has every right to proudly strut because her rack is the stuff of wet-dreams.

“I love my big tits,” says Mianna. “I’m very proud of them. The thing about having them is all the attention.” Attention is what Mianna gets when she’s out and about in Las Vegas.

Mianna needs her boobs carefully manhandled. After she drops her top and has them oiled, she and her pool date retreat indoors to fuck. The Las Vegas local is a very sexual girl who deserves a thorough cock-pumping. But it’s not always this way for Mianna. Understandably, Miss Thomas will often meet a breast-man who’s only interested in fucking her tits and not her pussy!

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