Boobs Without Borders

Boobs Without Borders

SCORELAND believes in boobs without borders. We’ll go where the bra-busters are. Girls like Stefania Kinskih.

“I will play with him with my eyes and start teasing him and watch his reaction,” said Stefania about how she works it when she sees a guy she finds interesting. If you’ve noticed Stefania’s piercing brown eyes, once you’ve stopped staring at her piercing brown nipples, you’ll see she’s got a talent for eye-banging.

“If he holds my gaze and smiles, then maybe I think we have the start of a connection. He should walk over to me and introduce himself. If he looks away and does not react to me, then I do not bother. I like a man to be polite and nice. Ukrainian girls want a man to court them. They do not care to pursue guys.”

Stefania hasn’t said that she’s recognized because of SCORELAND or her pictorial in May 2017 Voluptuous. She gets plenty of attention, based on what she says, and is proud of her natural twin assets. “When I see a man looking at me with pleasure, that is the best kind of compliment for me. They do not have to say anything to me. Of course, many forward guys ask me out. I am happy to think about it if they have good manners.”

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