Boobs & Booty Doll

Boobs & Booty Doll

Finding girls from France who are right for SCORE or V-mag has never yielded success.

It’s extremely rare to even see big-boobed French girls. In 2011, the mayor of Neuville-en-Ferrain removed a statue of “Marianne,” the traditional female symbol of the French Republic, because the statue’s bust was “too big.” (We’re not implying that all French don’t like big tits.)

Anastasia Doll from southern France is one of the rare exceptions. The kind of girl that everyone, male or female, has to look at wherever she goes, Anastasia has both big tits and bubble butt cheeks so she draws attention coming and going.

Anastasia is a standout and a stickout coming and going. Very fit, she practices Yoga, boxing and other workouts. Her body is like a piece of sculpture. Even that mayor would like it.

“I like to draw attention to myself,” Anastasia said. “I am proud of my body. People are shocked when they see my enormous breasts and my big booty but I love it.”

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