Bare In The Country

Bare In The Country

On a nice, sunny day, Hitomi visits a quiet place in the country. After a look around, she undresses. Hitomi may be a world-famous model now but she still has a shy side.

SCORELAND: Hitomi, you are so comfortable naked. Do you go to nude beaches?

Hitomi: No, I have never gone. Sometimes I wish I could. I don’t go to the beach and pools because people stare. I did like to wear swimsuits on shoots in Mexico and the Dominican Republic but it was private with other models.

SCORELAND: How do you care for your breasts? Any special exercises?

Hitomi: Everybody asks me this kind of question. But I really don’t do anything special like exercises. I just do one thing. I massage and put cream on the lymph glands of my breasts after bathing.

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