At Home With Alexsis Faye

At Home With Alexsis Faye

At Home With Alexsis Faye

You are in the home of Alexsis Faye. Enjoy this personal guided tour that ends in her bed. She’s a very hospitable girl!

SCORELAND: Alexis, thank you for the tour of your home. It looks like a Hollywood movie set.

Alexsis: Glad you like it.

SCORELAND: You arrange your high heels like pieces of art in a gallery. Do you also have a bra collection arranged like this?

Alexsis: Since I am obsessed with heels and bras, I have a lot of them. For the heels, I have a drawer, but my bras I keep for now in some Ikea boxes until I find the perfect place for them too.

SCORELAND: You shoot excellent videos, and by yourself, too. Did you attend photography school?

Alexis: I wish I went to photography school. It would have been more fun than economics and accounting.

SCORELAND: How is day-to-day life now?

Alexsis: Like everyone, stuck at home. Only going out to buy food, and even for that we need to take a paper and write where we are going and why. So much time at home, I moved the furniture from one room to the other and broke my back so I had to stay in bed for a week.

SCORELAND: What is the first thing you are going to do when things improve?

Alexsis: First thing that I wanna do when this is over is take a trip to Bucharest and go walking in the park and then have a nice dinner on the side of the lake.

SCORELAND: What are you doing for fun until the music festivals return?

Alexsis: Looks like all the festivals for this summer are gonna be cancelled but I haven’t lost my hope for my Greece holiday in July. At least I have music at home and all my favorite DJs are making quarantine live mixes from their kitchens. So, of course, I’ll start back with dancing as soon as my back lets me stand straight again. I cannot clean the house without music!

SCORELAND: We hope that will be soon. Who are your current favorite music groups? Any favorite DJ?

Alexsis: This week I was in the mood for some more alternative stuff other than electronic so I got my 30 Seconds To Mars playlist on. Other nice sets I’ve heard are from Last Frequencies and David Guetta. I hope this quarantine finishes as fast as possible but until then I’m gonna make a grill in the garden and drink some wine and dance around the house.

SCORELAND: What songs do you love to sing?

Alexsis: Many times, I have made my neighbors listen to me sing songs from David Guetta “Make It To Heaven,” Robin Schulz “In Your Eyes,” and 30 Seconds To Mars “Up In The Air.”

SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite TV shows?

Alexsis: I don’t really watch TV. Only one show–a stand-up comedy contest. We need a good laugh from time to time.

SCORELAND: What do your followers want to see you wearing the most? Do you get requests for any special cosplay costumes?

Alexsis: My fans are really into stepmom role playing during this quarantine! I’ve never had so many requests for it. But that’s not all…the all-time favorite is the nurse costume. Some other favorites are Bat Girl or Super Woman or to role play a certain character from a movie. A fun one I got was to cut a bed sheet and get my feet in a hole in it and pretend it’s quicksand and I’m getting stuck in it.

SCORELAND: What don’t we know about you that would surprise us?

Alexsis: Have I told you I have a green thumb? Next week, my radishes and onions are almost ready to harvest!

SCORELAND: Thank you, Alexsis. Until next time.

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