Aspen’s Hot Fling

Aspen’s Hot Fling

“As old-fashioned as this sounds, there’s something about being flat on my back that totally does it for me,” Aspen said about sex positions. “I just love it. I like doggie-style and I like to be on top, but I absolutely love to be on my back.

“In fact, to really get off the best I have to be on my back. Maybe it goes back to that whole thing of being dominated that turns me on so much, and it’s also just the perfect angle for a guy’s dick to plunge into me that way. It just feels so good like that.”

Aspen’s point-of-view about being a hot lady was liberating for her.

“If I’m dressing to show off my body I expect you to look at least once. I’m going to be offended if you don’t. I would be offended if a man didn’t look at me even if I wasn’t dressed to the nines. I still want my body and my boobs to be noticed, but if you want to talk, talk to me and not to my tits.

“Here’s a funny story. I went to my high school’s 10-year reunion, and there was a guy there I had gone to school with, but back then he was drooling all over some other girl and never even really talked to me.

“At the reunion I was wearing a blouse that fit me very well and showed off some cleavage and he said to me, ‘Have you always had those?’ and I said yes and he said, ‘Even in high school?’ and I said yes. He said ‘How did I miss those?’ and I told him he was too distracted by that other girl and he said, ‘Boy, was I ever stupid!’ That made me feel really good.”

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