Angel Baby

Angel Baby

Angel Baby

Always upbeat, high-energy, cheery and perky, slim and stacked Angel Wicky is delighted to be back at SCORELAND in a new series, ready to cum and cum again.

SCORELAND: Did you watch the scenes you did the last time you were photographed at SCORE?

Angel: Yes, I check out every scene and photo I have ever done. I want to see what I have done, how does it look, what magic we created or what went wrong so I can learn from my mistakes.

SCORELAND: Did you watch them with someone?

Angel: Alone. That way I can concentrate on everything.

SCORELAND: What should a man do if he wants to meet you?

Angel: Why only men? I like women too. Everyone can meet me at events I’m in or that I organize. I always write about it on my Twitter and Instagram. At the events we can talk, dance or have a drink.

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