All Star

All Star

A historic SCORE fact: Erin Star and her sister Helen are the only sisters in over 25 years to appear simultaneously in SCORE (October ’17) and Voluptuous (November ’17). This event will probably never be duplicated. The Star sisters are two of a kind.

“I was not the bustiest girl in school,” Erin said. ‘Helen was! We always got a lot of attention and we liked it. I became the bustiest girl in school after she graduated!” Sounds like these two ruled in school with their fantastic student bodies.

Erin says that if a guy wants to go out with her, he has to be a gentleman and he has to have a good sense of humor. They have to have three successful dates and have a lot of romantic chemistry before she’ll even consider sharing her bed. Erin’s a girl who knows what she wants. “I am a traditional girl in romance,” Erin said.

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