Alaura Grey Is Back!

Alaura Grey Is Back!

We’ve had a major year here at XL Girls, but Alaura Grey‘s return after a two year absence is absolutely seismic! Two years of non-stop emails asking when she will return. Two years of inviting Alaura back to XL Girls, to no avail.

Now that wait is over! And there will be more to come with many surprises. This is Alaura’s welcome back scene. She’s looking as spectacular as ever and her big boobs are even bigger, with two more cup sizes that make her an M-cupper. “I’m very shy when it comes to my boobs,” Alaura said. “I don’t like too much attention. I don’t dress to emphasize my breasts. I get a lot of attention anyway. I don’t really pay much mind to it now. I actually like to wear sweaters.”

In this photo shoot, her first in two years, Alaura releases her twin wonders, with their pointy nipples that always look erect, and plays big breast games. Heading south, Alaura takes a big toy and works it in and out of her wet pussy, giving herself rhythmic strokes. It’s the first time Alaura’s used a toy on-camera.

She’s only just begun to have fun.

Welcome back, Alaura Grey.

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