Addicted To Love

Addicted To Love

“When I go out with girlfriends, guys try to get dates with me and get my phone number. It’s nice to get attention. I am young and I like to have fun. Sometimes they say nice things like ‘You are the most hot and sexual girl I have ever seen.’ Sometimes they say stupid things like ‘Why are they so large.’ Some guy said to me how big and beautiful my eyes are while he was looking below at my boobs.

“No guys recognize me. Maybe that is good because I want them to look at all of me, not just my boobs and I don’t want them to like me only because I am a model. If we date, they can see my boobs later.”

Monica loves to put on high heels and caress her body. She says wearing the heels make her hornier. “I caress myself with my fingers and I slowly bring myself to orgasm. When I have a boyfriend, he has to play with my boobs and nipples and lick my pussy. I like that all the time. I love 69. When I give a boyfriend a blow job and he cums, I like to spit on my boobs and rub them.”

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