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Dance of the Breast Stars 0

Dance of the Breast Stars

Dance of the Breast Stars Upgraded to HD for the first time at SCORELAND, this rare video paired Australia’s Angela White with porn star Gianna Rossi in The Bahamas. It was a big thrill for Angie to meet her idols that week, including Lorna Morgan. A…

Titty Call 0

Titty Call

Titty Call Gianna Rossi knows what she likes when she fucks. “I like a lot of talk. Like, tell me what’s in that nasty, fucking mind of yours. While you’re fucking me! Because that’s when you get true emotion. You know what I mean? “No one really h…

Creamy, Busty Brit 0

Creamy, Busty Brit

Creamy, Busty Brit The meaning of the British slang word “saucy” takes on a different meaning as English rose Aurora Rose pours warm milk all over her beautiful body during an afternoon outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. Aurora’s accent is also v…

All Star 0

All Star

All Star A historic SCORE fact: Erin Star and her sister Helen are the only sisters in over 25 years to appear simultaneously in SCORE (October ’17) and Voluptuous (November ’17). This event will probably never be duplicated. The Star sisters are two o…

The Ranch Gal & The Horny Neighbor 0

The Ranch Gal & The Horny Neighbor

The Ranch Gal & The Horny Neighbor

Tony Rubino has his hose in his hand, innocently watering the lawn when new neighbor Chrissy Monroe passes by on her way to her apartment. Chrissy is a stacked and seductive blonde and fresh from the Love Ranch North in Moundhouse, Nevada so she knows a thing or two about heating up guys.

Tony innocently eye-bangs Chrissy for a fleeting second as she walks by, but look out! Watching from inside her apartment is jealous Mr. Monroe and he is really steamed up. This is a guy who can rip telephone books in half. He marches outside and launches a tirade on apologetic Tony. Things are about to get uglier when his phone rings.

An urgent message has Mr. Monroe leaving with a warning for Tony. This warning doesn’t sink in because when dangerously-naughty Mrs. Monroe hits on Tony and invites him inside, he’s hooked by the power of big tits and hot pussy and accepts her invitation to the bedroom she and her husband sleep in. Injury and possible dismemberment don’t faze Tony when he can get some action from a blonde with a rack. This is a real suicide mission.

Chrissy offers him her heavy jugs to suck on and gets on her knees, eager to suck his dick and nuts. Still gambling that he’ll have two legs to stand on later in the evening, Tony holds Chrissy’s head and fucks her mouth. They get into bed. Chrissy wraps her lips around his cock and sucks him some more, then wedges it between her big tits. Chrissy climbs on board and rides him.

Tony pounds Chrissy from the side and from behind and the expression on her face shows that she’s not too worried about her husband bursting in on them. Wanting to leave something behind for Chrissy to remember him by, Tony shoots his load into Chrissy’s pussy and gets out of the apartment before it’s too late.

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Danielle Super-sizes Her Rack 0

Danielle Super-sizes Her Rack

Danielle Super-sizes Her Rack Danielle Derek is a busy girl, always on the go-go-go. She’s been like that since we first met her in 2005. With her super-slim body and tiny waist, Danielle’s always riveted everyone’s attention. A big-tit worshiper, Da…

Tits, Ass & Creampie 0

Tits, Ass & Creampie

Tits, Ass & Creampie

“Come and get it,” Adriana Avalon‘s date-mate Tony tells her as they chill out on the couch in XL Girl’s “green room.” She’s dressed in a flowered red robe and a red slip, and red heels. They’ve been getting chummy for the past hour and now the camera’s turned on for action. They do an exploratory feel-up, he on her big, 46-inch tits, she on his junk, squeezing his bulge. They’re hot for each other. He stands and drops his jeans and begins feeding her his tool. It tastes good to her as he sticks it in and out of her mouth. She looks very ready for happy time on that couch.

Adriana makes eye-contact with the camera, his dick moving between her lips. The sight of a big-boobed woman with a cock in her mouth is a sight no man ever gets tired of looking at. Adriana gets on her knees on the couch and sucks him hands-free, still staring into the camera and making lip-smacking sounds as he fucks her mouth. Her tits must not be neglected and must be fucked too. She kneels and cups her breasts with her hands, offering her cleavage to slide between. Those tits were made for this.

Tony maneuvers Adriana onto her back in missionary position, parts her legs open and slides into her with slow strokes at first, then ramps up his pistoning speed. Her heavy tits jiggle, dance and quiver with every up-stroke and down-stroke. They move into a spoon-fuck position, then cowgirl and then more tit-fucking. She gets into a doggie-position so he can thrust into her hard from behind.

As a parting gift of their one-time coupling, Tony squirts his load inside her pussy while he plows her in missionary, her legs in the air, and then carefully extracts his cock from her warm, wet pussy-hole. She squeezes and the man-cream slowly emerges from its pink container, Adriana gasping in sync with her contractions. “That was amazing,” Adriana says, looking into the camera. “I wanted you to come in my pussy. It makes me so hot. There’s nothing like a creampie.” Welcome to XLGirls, Adriana Avalon! Please come and cum again!

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Marriage Counseling 0

Marriage Counseling

This is a SCORE case taken from the real life files of Dr. Daphne Rosen, sexologist and mega-chesty SCORE superstar. Carlos and his wife have made an appointment with Daphne to try to correct an imbalance in their marriage. You see, Carlos wants to f…

Two Men For Miss Swift 0

Two Men For Miss Swift

Two Men For Miss Swift Krystal Swift not only has a double date, it qualifies as a tag-team match also. Krystal is about to do the nasty with George and Steve. They play for the Prague Hard Cox and welcome Krystal as their team-mate. And what a beautif…

A Girl From The Show Me State 0

A Girl From The Show Me State

A Girl From The Show Me State Some back-story first before you play Tera Cox’s video. This amazing discovery found SCORE. A fan of ours told Tera she’d be great and recommended she make contact. We’d have never known about her without his urging. Ter…

Hip Shaker 0

Hip Shaker

Hip Shaker Sexy and busty Analee Sands is a professional belly dancer. Analee tells us she is going to dance for us and demonstrate her hip-shaking, belly undulating, tit-quivering and ass-rolling talents. She is dressed in a traditional belly dancin…

The Name Is Bond 0

The Name Is Bond

The Name Is Bond “I used to be an F-cup,” said Michelle Bond, one of England’s finest. “And they just grew and grew, and every time I got measured, they seemed to have grown. Either that or my underwear is shrinking! You know, I generally don’t know wh…

The Big Rubdown 0

The Big Rubdown

The Big Rubdown Renee Ross is boss! Renee was due for a relaxing massage, a titty rubdown to soothe and tingle every nerve. Breast massages are in fact therapeutic. A complete breast massage should last about 30 minutes, longer if the masseur is a tit …

Worship Her Tits 0

Worship Her Tits

Worship Her Tits When Paige Turner goes out, whatever she wears can’t hide her natural assets. “I try to cover up as much as possible,” said Paige, a former exotic dancer and the biggest-breasted girl in the club she performed in and possibly the ent…

A Girl & Her Bicycle 0

A Girl & Her Bicycle

A Girl & Her Bicycle

“When I want to feel sexy, I like to wear stocking or high socks,” Codi Vore said. High socks it is.

Codi wheels her bicycle home. Her tight shirt is pulling at the buttons from the strain of her big natural boobs. Codi teases as she walks. Once inside, Codi takes off her shirt. Underneath is a spaghetti-strap top and under that, a bra. Once it’s all removed, her titillating twins are free! Free to be admired. Free to dangle.

“Bras are totally uncomfortable, so if I’m at home, I’m almost never wearing one. I have to wear a bra when I go out, though, because otherwise, none of my clothes would fit right.”

Codi invites you to hang out with her. There’s a cameltoe alert when the camera moves in close to her tight panties. She slips them off to reveal her neatly-trimmed pussy garden. Bare but leaving her socks on, Codi lets her fingers do some exploring, rubbing and dipping.

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Training Day 0

Training Day

Training Day It’s training day for Kat Bailey. First, an outdoor session in the park with jumping jacks and running in place. Her big tits bounce like crazy. Then it’s indoors for stretching. Her trainer claims she’ll be doing backbends under his guida…