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Tit Chat 0

Tit Chat

Tit Chat In this exclusive interview video, Lara Jones chats with our photographer about her hobbies and interests and how she feels about modeling. A little nervous at first since she had never posed for a pro photographer before, Lara quickly got int…

Jonesing For Lara 0

Jonesing For Lara

Jonesing For Lara It was easy to predict that lovely Lara Jones would zoom to the top of the SCORELAND Model Directory. She has all the qualities that breast-men love and the camera loves her. Just 5’2″, Lara looks much taller in her photos. Lara’s m…

Star Fucks 0

Star Fucks

Star Fucks Sandra Star has a big-tit fanatic on her hands and boobs in Ricky. Sandra’s wearing a star-spangled top that’s easy to pull down to allow quick access to her jutting jugs and he takes advantage of that. Kissing, licking, sucking and motorbo…

There's Something About Bridgette 0

There’s Something About Bridgette

Bridgette B. gives this dude one of the best private dances and fucks he’s ever had in his life. One of the hottest and prettiest porn stars currently boning her brains out, Bridgette B. is a blonde Spanish doll who’s been living in Los Angeles for al…

Big, Oiled Tits 0

Big, Oiled Tits

Big, Oiled Tits Daria welcomes us to her spa where the guests are in very good hands. Unfortunately, she has no customers so she gives herself a massage, and a sexy one it is. Daria removes her smock, her bra and her panties, nice and slow, gets on her…

Triple Play 0

Triple Play

Triple Play In a world where there are too few hot babes with big boobs and too many horny guys, there are bound to be conflicts. In some cases, these conflicts can be resolved by the level-headed decisions of the babe in question. In this case, the ba…

Sundae Kind of Girl 0

Sundae Kind of Girl

Sundae Kind of Girl I scream, you scream, we all scream for Janet Jade. The hottest ice cream parlor in the world has been constructed and our little sundae maker is none other than the busty and gorgeous Janet Jade. “First, I’m going to put a littl…

A Pleasant Surprise 0

A Pleasant Surprise

A Pleasant Surprise Alex Chance is at a restaurant waiting for a blind date to arrive. Jack turns up and they shake hands. “Wow, It’s great to put a face to the voice,” says Alex. “So you work with my friend Samantha at the mall?” he asks, eyeballing h…

Sexy Kitty 0

Sexy Kitty

Sexy Kitty Her name is Kitty and she is more than cute. The green-eyed brunette was new to pro modeling but not new to showing off her curvy rack on her webcam. She’s proud of her curves. SCORELAND: What do you want to do that you haven’t done? Kitty…

Wet-T Car Wash 0

Wet-T Car Wash

Wet-T Car Wash Princess Pumpkins said this soapy car wash shoot is her favorite so far. She’s perfect for it. Princess and the photography staff were lucky the shoot didn’t attract any gawkers. Princess is a dedicated cosplayer and often attends comic…

Big Tit Anal Trio 0

Big Tit Anal Trio

Big Tit Anal Trio Stephanie Stalls walks into a bedroom and checks out how her tight, green mini-dress looks wrapped around her super-busty body. Her panties are nowhere to be seen. Stephanie sits in front of a full-length mirror and approves. Meanwhil…

French Doll 0

French Doll

French Doll “Modeling is the most-fun thing I have ever done,” said Anastasia Doll, a gray-eyed French doll with triple-Ds who was contacted on Twitter. Anastasia spends most of her time taking pictures and traveling. “I would like to go around the w…

Jasmine's Cum Fetish 0

Jasmine’s Cum Fetish

Jasmine Jones is a Voluptuous busty wife with a big taste for man-juice. “I have a cum fetish. I like it all over my face, dripping from my mouth and just all over me. I have swallowed a few times but really enjoy seeing it all over me. I guess you co…

Daylene & Sara's Big Juggy Adventure 0

Daylene & Sara’s Big Juggy Adventure

Daylene & Sara’s Big Juggy Adventure

What is the number one male sex fantasy no matter the nationality or race? If you’re thinking of two hot chicks all over you, you’re right. Threesomes of two girls-one guy are number one, way ahead of sex outside the bedroom or role-playing games.

For this double big bang, two very special guests arrive. As SCORE editor Dave put it, “It’s a historic moment.” For the first time, mega-hottie Latina from California Daylene Rio meets Miami’s busty, ass-cream queen Sara Jay.

Together they work over their wood-man and extract his sap in a nasty, wet threesome. We couldn’t resist having them compare their butts first while they wait for stunt-cock to arrive and whip his hose out in their faces. They both have round, soft, firm cheeks made for slapping and grabbing while their tight, well-trained cunts are being plugged by cock.

“We’re here to make fuck,” said Sara, laughing in anticipation. “What are we going to do, Sara?” asks Daylene. “Titty sucking, some making-out, and then I think we should share a big piece of meat,” Sara said. That meets with Daylene’s gasp of approval. They both giggle with horny expectation.

“I’m getting hungry already,” Daylene said. “I’m ready to see a big stick go up her pussy…and lick the big stick after, and taste her pussy juice. We’re going to get real messy very soon.”

“There’s going to be lots of slob, and cum and spit,” Sara adds.

“Lots of sex,” Daylene agreed.

“Lots of butthole licking. It turns out we both like that ass licking,” Sara said.

“Lots of ass licking,” Daylene echoed. “I love it.”

Two of the best busty cock worshippers in SCORELAND‘s history Daylene Rio and Sara Jay tackling one meat missile: throating, licking assholes, sucking balls, licking pussy, getting fucked every which way and sharing man-cream. Will this ever be topped? Maybe that’s an impossible mission.

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Peeping On Lorna 0

Peeping On Lorna

Peeping On Lorna Lorna Morgan trims a bit of bush but doesn’t shave her pussy bald in this peeping Tom video. “I don’t shave all the way,” Lorna once said. “I don’t take it all the way off. I have to leave a little bit there, just for comfort.” One o…

Anal Revervation 0

Anal Revervation

Anal Revervation Shyla Stylez is wearing a tight tube top and even tighter denim booty shorts. She wants to go out to a bimbo party. Sounds nice but would you rather go out when you’ve got a sexy hottie here at home? Or would you rather man-up, cut to …