Oily To Bed

Oily To Bed

“I like to be big and I know how much guys like my soft curves,” Georgina Gee said. By becoming a model, a lot more guys than those in her neighborhood can get to crush on this hottie.

Yet, oddly enough, Georgina said “I never get asked on dates. Never.” This is a crime in our opinion. What’s that all about?

So what kind of a man does Georgina curl her toes for?

“He has to be a gentleman. He has to spoil me. But he has to be so naughty in the bedroom. A freak in the bed. I like it to be rough.”

Becoming a model expanded Georgina’s horizons. She loves to show off her lush body.

“I like to do stuff in public. I like to be watched. I think that’s what gets me off about doing this and the webcams. People think I’m innocent, but I’m not.”

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